Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blogger Opportunity / Label Giveaway

I have an opportunity for you bloggers that do giveaways...

Order 10 Label Gift Certificate "IOU slips" for $20.00.  I will send you 10 slips for you to mail with your prizes, or just give this away as a prize.  On the front of each slip, it says "This slip is good for 1 free sheet of Labels" and has info on ordering.   Each slip will have your name/Blog name/website on the back for promotional purposes.  (Then if they order more and you are the referral, you earn more free labels for yourself!  10% of what they order)  The person sends me the slip with their label request, and I print them and deliver them to the customer.  Interested?   Order below securely using PayPal.  Order more than 10 and get a 10% discount.  Offer good through February 2014.

What you'll get:
* Label Gift Certificates/IOU Slips to giveaway
* Chance to earn free labels (referrals)
* a 125x125 spot in my SPONSORS spot


See my label business here:

Barbi Tvrdik
Northland Bargains / Computer Labels by Barbi

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